Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Little Garden

Hi Everyone! I love plants very much and it is very difficult to grow them in a flat because of the weather conditions  Violets, for example,  do not grow well here because of the darkness. So, I have plants that go well in small places and where there is a bit of sunlight. In the summer,  the sun is terrible here and dries the soil of the vases. I got a beautiful flower vase on the mother's day that has a plastic container, but I do know its name and it is in bloom again! This means that she likes the place where I put  is and my watering as well. I also love succulents,  but many times the strong wind caused the vases fell down on the floor and the plants broke and became weak. The space is so small that I bump into them and they fell down on the floor as well. I also have a "Dracaena Frangans". When I brought it it was short, but now it is almost two-meter long.
I love basil and I intend to have a vase of it. I like to put basil leaves on the tomato sauce and pizza. Pizza with basil it is called "Marguerita Pizza". I want to have seasoning plants. There is a corner here that has sunlight, but in the summer the plants simply dry.

My rosemary was drought. I got the other plant from a neighbor more than 25 years ago. I do not know the name either, but it has beautiful purple flowers.

It is growing good.

This plant is so good because it bears any bad conditions.

My rosemary is growing good. I put it on the food.

This is " Guaco " or Mikania glomerata , which is good for coughing.

Do you know the name of this flower?

I love Finding Neverland !

Wishing you a lovely week! Sandra

Friday, June 26, 2015

Woolen Vertical Hat for Beginners

I have been knitting lately. This is a present to my daughter and this is the first woolen hat that I made. It was hard to find an easy pattern. I think it is a bit long than I wanted. I will put the pattern  soon because I have some doubts. I also would like to make a bigger flowerror but I do not know how to make it yet.

We are in Winter and it is chilly and rainy, but today is a beautiful day.

Wishing you a nice weekend! Sandra

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Teeny Tiny Doll - Christiene

This is the first fabric doll that I made. I made it for a gift, but I sold it instead. I started it on July 26 in 2014 and ended on August 10, 2014. The reason I decided to make a doll is because I love Tildas very much. I saw a Tilda once but I regret I had not bought it. It had an amazing embroidered apron, a beautiful dress and hat. I have never seen another one so beautiful like that. Maybe I am going to try making another teeny tiny doll with a embroidered apron. I have to be inspired! The most difficult things to make were really the dress and her hair. I used everything I had at home. I hope you like Christiene.

I made this blog to practice writing because I am studying for an examination. The thing is that I have made new friends here and have learned so much reading the posts. This is a great time!

I will try to post more often.

Cheers, Sandra