Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Street Market

These are pictures of the street market in Santos. The street market happens on the same street on a specific day each week, usually in the morning from 7 a. m. to about 1 p. m. except on Mondays. They can be short about 4 blocks, or long, over 13 blocks.
I love to go to the street market because the products are much better than the ones in the supermarkets. You can touch the products to check if they are green or ripe. There are different stalls such as potatoes, onions, garlic, fruits, coconut, eggs, greens, potted plants and flowers as well as, seafood, chicken, clothing, shoes, home appliances, hygiene and cleaning items, toys, and so on. There are also stands that fix pans, straw seats on chairs and pressure cookers. There are stalls where sell small savory snacks such as a pear-shaped  deep-fried chicken filled croquette,  pastry envelope with different fillings and a torpedo-shaped croquette (both deep fried in vegetable oil), a small pizza-like bread with topping and sugarcane juice.
It’s very funny to go to the street market because the sellers announce their produces by crying and saying funny things like “Hey, beautiful girls do not pay, but also do not take the products”. The vendors offer pieces of fruits to try!
So, going to the street market is good because you buy good produce, you stroll, which is good for your health, and you have fun as well.

Wishing you a nice week! Sandra