Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I have many hobbies. My favourite hobbies are watching  films and series. Nowadays  I enjoy watching Murdoch Mysteries and Walking Dead.
Well, I  have to wait the next season until October. I also
 love to collect some things since I was a child.

The first ones are stamps from around the world. It is amazing to see old stamps from the 1960's and stamps from Brazil,Japan, the USA, Egypt, Germany, England and so forth. I had forgotten that  I have stamps from the Olympic Games of 1992 and other one 2004. I love to see stamps of birds, flowers, historical facts,famous, places, etc.

The second are shells, but only when  there is no animal inside. There was a funny fact that happened many years ago. I took a shell on the sand. When my hubby and I  were almost onto the sideways, I felt something "poking" my finger. I saw the black claw of the little resident. So,we came back to the sea and put the shell in the sea.

The third hobby is to collect mugs.  I have many mugs that I got as presents and some in bought from many sizes. I like the small Santander Claus mug that I put on the table on Christmas Holidays.

Undoubtedly my favourite hobby is to collect stamps. Many of them I got from friends who got letters and knew I collect  them. So, as I love writing letter since I was a child, when got letters at home I always wanted the stamps. My family us from Portugal and I have many stpsychology from there.

So, I would like to know what is your hobby. It is great to share our likes.

Wishing you a lovely week! 

Sandra xoxo