Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I have many hobbies. My favourite hobbies are watching  films and series. I also
 love to collect some stuff since I was a child.

The first ones are stamps from around the world. It is amazing to see old stamps from the 1960's and stamps from Brazil,Japan, the USA, Egypt, Germany, England and so forth. I had forgotten that  I have stamps from the Olympic Games of 1992 and other one 2004. I love to see stamps of birds, flowers, historical facts,famous, places, etc.

The second are shells, but only when  there is no animal inside. There was a funny fact that happened many years ago. I took a shell on the sand. When my hubby and I  were almost onto the sideways, I felt something "poking" my finger. I saw the black claw of the little resident. So,we came back to the sea and put the shell in the sea.

The third hobby is to collect mugs.  I have many mugs that I got as presents and some in bought from many sizes. I like the small Santander Claus mug that I put on the table on Christmas Holidays.

Undoubtedly my favourite hobby is to collect stamps. Many of them I got from friends who got letters and knew I collect  them. So, as I love writing letter since I was a child, when got letters at home I always wanted the stamps. My family us from Portugal and I have many stpsychology from there.

So, I would like to know what is your hobby. It is great to share our likes.

Wishing you a lovely week! 

Sandra xoxo


  1. I had a lovely stamp album when I was a child, with so many British stamps from George VI's reign. Sadly it disappeared and I have no idea what happened to it. Stamps are fascinating especially when they have beautiful pictures on.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!It's a pity that you lost your stamps! I love stamps since I was a child.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend! Sandra xxx

  2. You have a lovely collection of stamps and I love the shells. I have a bowl of shells collected over the years. My main hobby is rsearching my family history, I love photography and visiting old and interesting buildings, also writing my bog and occasionally short stories too:)

    1. Thanks Rosie!I enjoying your hobbies Rosie and I love reading your short stories on your blog. I like to show your posts to my students as well! I also like to take pictures all the time.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend! Sandra xxx

  3. I used to collect stamps as well. I had a wonderful red album and I used to fiddle with it for hours. I wonder what happened to it.

    1. I have stamps since I was a child, long time ago...LOL
      I was talking to my student and he never heard about collecting stamps, so that is a excuse to show them stamps from around the world.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend, Sandra xxx

  4. Ha Sandra,
    mooie hobby,s heb je, ook met het verzamelen van schelpen,
    ook heb ik wel eens schelpen beschilderd, vlinders of kikkertjes........
    mij Hobby,is tekenen en schilderen,en vind schrijfen ook leuk
    gedichtjes en korte verhalen.
    Sandra wens je een mooie week
    groetjes xxx

    Ha Sandra,
    great hobby, s you would like to collect shells,
    I also sometimes painted shells, butterflies or frogs .
    my hobby, is drawing and painting, and find also drew and wrote nice
    poems and short stories.
    Sandra wish you a nice week
    greetings xxx

    1. Hi Christiene, I enjoy your paintings and poems very much! I thought of you today.Thank you for stopping by.

      Sandra xxx

  5. Hallo Sandra,
    ik ben terug
    wens je een mooi week!
    lieve groet,Christiene............

    Hello Sandra,
    I'm back
    wish you a nice week!
    dear greeting, Christiene ............

    1. Thank you Christiene! Hugs, Sandra